About ezBytes Web Solutions

We have been in the Internet development area for 9 years, and the computer industry and the business world for over 20 years. The founder, John Oldham, has a background is in web page design, project management, graphic design, finance, operations, computer training, marketing and video production. With this diverse background hehas all the tools available to make the best product targeted towards your audience, with your business goals in mind.

We have a passion for working with people and helping them leverage the power of technology. Once you learn the all the opportunities and time saving capablities, you'll wonder how you lived without them. We enjoy empowering businesses and individuals in the capabilies of the internet to reach a local and global market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Business Objectives

  • To provide complete professional analysis and a complete project definition and objectives prior to starting the project.
  • Provide a high level perspective on all potential solutions, and direct customers to those solutions that are optimal during the course of the project.
  • Utilize the latest electronic file sharing methods to maintain constant communication with our customers in order to maximize the information transfer in the minimal amount of time.
  • To create realistic project schedules and maintain them once agreement has been made with the customer and make them available at regular checkpoints.
  • Train the customer in the technical and business areas of the project in order to make them self-sufficient, once we have completed our objectives.
  • To deliver beyond the customers expectations

New Alliance in Florida

I am based out of Fort Myers, Florida. I am in charge of developing the Ezbytes name and promoting our services in the Southeast. I am also always looking out for new technologies and new ways of doing our business which would increase effeciency and reduce costs for our customers. If you would like to discuss any of our services please feel free to contact one of the associates at our office.



Our Southeast Office:

1627 Red Cedar Dr.
Suite 14
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
Tel: 239-939-1201